Friday, 5 October 2012

le past~

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

people always said "Don't judge me by my past, accept me for who i am today". i also said the same.
but, sometimes things are easier to be said than to be done. even for myself!

i ask people to accept the way i am now (not in the past) but it is actually hard even for me, not to look at someone's past. (especially if u want to get to know them better)

and once we know about it, its not that easy to just let it go or forget about it. our mind is not like computer that can be deleted or restored. -_- if it is something good, then Alhamdulillah.. but what if their past is not good?? it still hurts even if it was long time ago :'(

yeah, i know it is not fair to look into someone's past and judge them. but... sometimes, it cannot be help. i know i must change it but it takes time.

there are times when im okayy with it. but there are also times which im being hurt so much by it. 

bcoz those things, i don't think i can forget it.. ever..

whatever it is, life must go on, right?? :') 

p/s: the past is killin' aite? blaaaa..... :3

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Maithasa Syuhada said...

comel blog ni...cute sgt... jmput singgh blog sy jga ye...

I am Me said...

thanks.. ok, kalau sudi follow la ye.. :)

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