Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hello Kitty Cafe

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

Have you ever heard about Hello Kitty Cafe? well, i'm not sure how many Hello Kitty Cafe in this world.
but one of it is located at Hong Dae (Hong Ik University Station, Subway Line 2), Seoul, Korea.

 I'm sure those who are enthusiastic with Hello Kitty will be superbly amazed when they go to this place.

Even though i'm not really a fan of Hello Kitty but i do love pink so much. that's what makes me interested to know and find more about it.

This cafe is pink overload!!! (suitable for the pink lover). stepping inside this cafe will give us soothing vibe which can make us feel comfortable and peaceful. (except for those who hate pink)

This is a perfect place to have a nice conversation over a cup of coffee and a plate of waffle with your friends or lover. *wink*

too much words, now enjoy the pictures! :D

le outside~
the front
the signage
during night

le inside~
cashier counter
the seats
more seats
and more

Hello Kitty ;)

le toilet~

le menu~

hello kitty face powdered on top

that's all. cute right? >.< want to find out more, just google. :)
i wish i can go there someday.. hehe.. after graduate maybe? and sponsored okayy.. haha :D

p/s: credit to google for all the amazing pictures. 

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Idati Malek said...

cuba daftar using

shoutmix da x boleh guna

I am Me said...

thanks sis! :)

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