Sunday, 14 October 2012


Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

BRB! do u know what is brb? just in case if u dont know, BRB is an acronym for Be Right Back. ;)

Yes, i'll be right back later. since the next two weeks are study weeks, i may spend my time studying (hope so) and i will not have much time to manage or update my blog.

for these few past days, i've been joining lots of segment to gain my followers. because of that, my blog's visitors increased too. not so much but still makes me happy :D for those whom i did not manage to follow back or visit, im really sorry. after my exam, i promise to visit ur blog too. no hurt feelings k? :)

till then, wish me good luck for my coming exam this 31st Oct! pray for me so that i will pass my exam with flying colours. Insya-Allah. 

p/s: for those who have final exam too, good luck! ;)

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zizie said...

good luck in your final exam :)

I am Me said...

thank you so much zizie.. :D

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