Saturday, 19 January 2013

this is sweet?

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

i just woke up from a really short nap while watching How I Met Your Mother season 7.. suddenly feels the urge to update blog so here i am writing an entry in 'mamai' state.

okay. lets keep this entry short and simple. what do u think after watching the movie Ombak Rindu or Aku Terima Nikahnya? are u the type who goes all mushy and sentimental after watching it or be the one like me who watch it and be like WHAT??!! DON'T THEY FEEL ASHAMED TO ACT LIKE THAT??!

call me cold-hearted but its not like the story is not good. its just that my problem is, how can they (Malay plus Muslim@Muslimah) acted like that and be watched by tons of people out there? don't they feel embarrassed of that? i mean its not like they don't know about the batas2 pergaulan antara bukan muhrim. everyone learns about it at school before, right? i even read about this confession of one malay actor who said that he has no problem to hold and kiss the girl's forehead in order to make their acts more real. yeah, u sure have no problem with it but that doesn't mean that u can do it. and to make it even worse, the actor has already married. think of how heart-broken his wife will be. :(

instead of being like 'awwww~' while watching the movie, i was like 'omg'. touching, hugging.. its everywhere and yet they are not even real husband and wife! apa nak jadi laa~ Astaghfirullah.. saying like this doesn't mean that i'm all good, never do something bad or whatsoever. yeah, i am a sinner and i need must repent of my sins. if u got a chance to change and be better, do it while u still can. and yet, this entry is also one of the way on how i can reflect back on myself. even me, myself not a good muslimah, doesn't cover my aurat entirely, doing sins and so on but i do hope that i can be better. in fact, i want to be better. In Sha Allah. :')

oh! entry yg kononnya short n simple makin menjadi long and complicated. so lets put an end to it kayy! last but not least, semoga kita tergolong dalam golongan yg diredhai Allah S.W.T dan menjadi ahli syurga. Ameen. 

haaaah! yg ni barulah sweet~ ^_^

as long as it is halal~ ;)
p/s: maaf dan mohon jangan ada yg tersinggung dengan entry ini. sy hanya manusia biasa yg miliki banyak kelemahan. harap maklum. peace no war. :)

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alyn amalyn said...

nice entry...betul apa yg awak tulis tu..:)

I am Me said...

@alyn amalyn: kann?? :)

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