Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's been a while..

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

haaa~ it's been a while since i've last updated my blog right? well, since this year is the beginning of my degree year, i kinda want a fresh start to it. compared to last year, i think this year i've started to pay a little bit more attention in the class (konon la). speak of truth, i'm not really satisfied with my result during the foundation year. even though it's not a big matter since the pointer is only use to see whether we can proceed to degree year or not, but still, it doesn't feel that good. haha. on top of it, i'm really scared if i cannot pass this degree year. i ABSOLUTELY do not want to repeat any paper AT ALL! In Sha Allah.. i hope everything will be just fine. wish me luck k! ;)

for the time being. i don't really have the confidence to do well during degree year especially in literature. all of the theories are kinda hard for me to understand. huh. we also learn about education philosophy, TITAS and so on. my senior said that it's kinda like learning a history (which i don't really like and always falling asleep during history class) but i guess i just have to try my best. my biggest problem (i think la) is to speak in front of the class. maybe because since high school years, we don't really practise on speaking english in class. so it's kinda hard to spontaneously saying out my thoughts without getting the sentences messed up. oh. not to mention the butterfly inside my stomach everytime i want to speak in english. i know the words but it's the confidence that i don't have. keep thinking 'what if i'm wrong?' doesn't help me at all. huh. insecure to the max! (-_-)

oh i should stop. konon plan nak g joging tapi terperap dalam bilik. lazy bum betul lah! haha. no wonder la kalau jarum pada scale tu menaik. erk. :p anyway.. i hope i will be better. no! i need to be better. xnak lah 'tanam anggur' lama2 sementara tunggu posting nanti. hope i can be an excellent English teacher! yeayy (Aminkan ramai2). who knows, maybe later i will teach anak-anak korang? haaa.. oh. hope it's note too late to wish u guys HAPPY NEW YEAR! this year will be the last year i jadi budak belasan tahun. huhuhu. and i'm really sorry to those yg invite GA, comment, etc. tapi x dibalas k. kinda busy at that time. may all our new year resolutions come true~ ^__^ (big smile to u from the bottom of my heart).

p/s: happy living! :D

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