Monday, 21 January 2013 !

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

it's obvious (judging from the title) that i'm gonna talk about ''. well, some of u may still not know what is, right? According to Wikipedia, '' is an interest-based social Q&A website (which is launched in June 2010). This website allows the users to invite question from other members of the site. But it also can be done anonymously. haah! understand? well, basically, this website allows u to ask question whether anonymously or known to the person who has this account. i had account on this website a long time ago and i've been ignoring it for a while. but now, it seems that most of my friends (on twitter) start to make account on this website and asking others to ask them questions. as for me, i'm not gonna reveal my account on twitter. (such a dangerous place! #IYKWIM) btw, someone ask me earlier, why should they have account? well, it depends on u whether to make it or not. its not like somebody force you to make one right? but, its kinda fun and a new experience if u make it. who knows, maybe there are questions that others want to ask u but cannot (face-to-face) so they can just ask u there. if u are interested in making one or maybe just wanna see what it's look like, just click the '' logo below. u may ask me  few questions too. :)

click it!
p/s: oh. btw, ask nicely and wisely. :)

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