Monday, 12 November 2012

It's Holiday!

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

yeahhh~ it's holiday!!! :D haha
before this, i've plan on updating my blog frequently but i'm too busy during this holiday.. (busy eating) muahaha.. and now, i'm off to eat ice cream.. yummy.. i think i've already gained my weight. -_-
but, nevermind, as long as i'm happy. in fact, as soon as i got home, i've rewarded myself with cheese cake! it was superbly delicious. my mom bought it and i finished it all by my self. *proud* ^0^

le cheese cake..
my sinful indulgence~
anyway, i'm really sorry to those whom i haven't follow back. i'll follow u guys back later k! so sorry!

i will update more later. bye for now. >.<

p/s: happy holiday! ^__^

2 orang bagi pendapat:

Nory Zoulkefle said...

ermmmm...sedappnya...feberet ni...

I am Me said...

yeahh, me too! sangat sedap! :D

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