Friday, 12 December 2014

Fact About Gifts That We Must Know..

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

What is a gift? A gift is something that did not come from us. It is given and can be taken back by the original owner. The gift does not only come in material form but it includes our parents, our children, spouses, friends, money, beauty, intelligence and ect

But the thing is, where do we hold a gift? One of the facts about gift that we must know is a gift is not supposed to be held in the heart, but we held it in our hand. Why??

So that, when the gift is taken back by its owner, the loss will create pain to the hand, but not to the heart. And anyone who has lived long enough in this world knows that the pain of the hand is nothing like the pain of the heart.

If we hold the gift in our hand and it's taken back, we will feel normal human pain of loss. We will grieve, we will cry, but our heart remains whole and beating. That is because the heart is only for the Almighty, Allah S.W.T.

So, hold your gifts in the right place. :)

P/s: Taken from Yasmin Mogahed's book, Reclaim Your Heart. I've just read a few pages, but already falling in love with her words. (Highly recommended for those who haven't read it).

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Anonymous said...

Bestnya dah ada reclaim your heart. Heee :)

Amerah Ramli said...

@Chott hehe pinjam buku senior je. kalau xnak beli, boleh download dlm bntuk pdf file. jimat :)

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