Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's a New Beginning!

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..

Hope this new beginning will have a happy ending :)

I have started a new semester! hurmm.. it's not that different from before actually... but i think that this sem, i was busier than before.. or maybe i was feeling like that because this sem i've started to do work more than before? haha :P (before i was like REALLY lazy, procrastinate a LOT, and keep doing last minute work -.-)

well.. so far.. its quite good.. nice environment.. i get along nicely with my frens.. and with him too~ :) it's good that we can maintain a good relationship even after all the things that had happened.. maybe it shows that we are mature enough to accept the fact? i dont know but i think that is the best way.. at least we still happy with each other.. sometimes.. maybe.. haha :D

ermm...what else??... i hope that this sem, i can do a lot better than before, pass the final exam successfully so that i can move to degree next year.. Insya-Allah~ 
that's all.. i guess.. May Allah bless all of us~

 p/s: sorry for the random entry. :P

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